Weird Scenes Inside The Goldmine

There is a strange phenomenon at a few bars/restaurants in and around St Francis Bay this season. It has become apparent that if you’re not booked to have a meal, you can’t go in and have a quick drink at the bar at a few of these establishments, even if they’re empty at the time.

With respect, I would like to suggest that restaurants with these ‘dinner bookings to drink’ policies at least explain them carefully. It needs to be as clear as day why locals/regulars can’t come in and have a quick beer at an empty bar at 6pm if they haven’t booked dinner at the same establishment.

To be clear, we’re talking about the same establishments that welcome us locals to have a beer at the bar all year. Turning away locals might seem like an easy fix when it’s a bit crowded, but before you know it, it will be winter again. Then what?

Sorry. we’re full etc etc

There are also reasons to celebrate.

Date: Christmas Day, 2021.
Time: Lunchtime

Venue: The Quays

Setting The Scene: 21 people, comprising young kids, grandparents, four sets of parents, for Christmas lunch. Most adults drinking wine, kids all hungry. One or two early tequilas to celebrate the birth of baby Jesus,

What seemed like an easy choice of one out of two Christmas meals soon descended into chaos. Five family groups with different drinks orders and other meal specs for their kids quickly muddied the water. Teenagers wanting Savannahs, pre-teens wanting to go to Billy’s etc.

It took a while to settle, and at the end of the day, everyone had a wonderful meal, was satisfied. We all had full stomachs even though the salads arrived simultaneously as the dessert, which was delicious. What salvaged the day was the great staff, their friendly and apologetic approach, and the fact that they corrected every mistake as soon as it happened. Excellent food, loads of fun, great, if somewhat chaotic experience.
Quick Rating 7/10

Date: 28 December
Time: 6:30 pm

Venue: The Italian Job

We were welcomed like old friends. Even though we didn’t know anyone, we were soon made to feel comfortable and have a drink. We celebrated the life of a recently departed dear friend, Derek Watson, RIP, who succumbed to Covid this week. I chose a double Scotch and Soda.

There was some live music, with a guy singing his best versions of Tracy Chapman. We had a couple of drinks, and a few locals joined us for some laughs and good times. Seen as it was a bit later than expected, the kids sampled a few of the starters and shared a margarita pizza. It was all too good. Warm vibes, friendly people, loads of locals recognizing it for the good vibes. For the full review, see here:
Quick Rating: 7/10.