Saturday night was not a perfect evening at the Full Stop. There was nothing wrong with the food or the ambience, which was delicious and a fat jol, respectively, for our table of 14. The problem was the Springbok rugby game. 

It was a close game, and the Springboks shouldn’t have lost to the Poms, but we did. Pollard missed two crucial kicks, Rassie was only there in the form of the Erasmus face masks, and Siya got yellow-carded with about 5 minutes to go.  

So on Sunday morning, we were all optimistic for an exciting Formula 1 race and a bit of hope. The hope that Hamilton wouldn’t cruise to another easy victory. The hope that Max Verstappen would be able to offer some excitement and not get driven off the track or get fined R888,288.00 (true story) for touching Hamilton’s ‘illegal’ rear wing or something like that. 

To watch Formula 1, though, you need to have DSTV, and for DSTV to work, you need a satellite dish. So after our service started flickering on Sunday morning as we began to prime with comfort food and Savannahs, I went outside to wiggle with the dish and try to get better reception. 

It took me about 3 seconds to utterly destroy it and all hope therein. I was left standing with half a dish and some wire in my hand, totally disconnected from the wall-mounting. I was coming to accept that we would not be watching the F1 today, at least not at home. Going to someone’s house would mean that we would probably be frowned upon for our cider and comfort food habits, amongst other traditions.

Taking a chance, we WhatsApped Aqua Sky Installations, not expecting anything. But, before we knew it, Mr Roger Brink from Aqua Sky Installations was at our house. He worked quickly to replace the damage that my oafish hands had wrought on the dish, and we were up and running within about 20 minutes. He then went on to help us with our surround sound, our external speakers, educate my son on why Liverpool is better than Chelsea, all the while kicking a ball for my tireless Jack Russel, while  juggling a cricket ball, a tennis and a golf ball.*

The bill was standard, and the call-out fee was standard weekday rates. 

It’s good to know that there are people like Roger around St Francis. We would like to strongly recommend his service for anything DSTV and more. 

Reach him on cell phone 074 231 7065 or on email

PS: Hamilton won in Qatar, with Verstappen in second in a race that saw a string of front left tyre failures as the only real highlights. 

  • He wasn’t really doing the juggling thing, but he probably could have.