This water crisis has done one thing – it has seen people make a plan. Granted, some people blame – and there really are people to hold responsible – but eventually, we have seen common sense prevail.

There were possibly mistakes made and missed opportunities concerning borehole water and natural springs, and other water sources, but it is too late for that now. All that will have to come into play later. It is now the time to make a plan. When the taps run dry – and they will unless a miraculous train of cut-off lows starts lining up one after another – it will not help you or your family to point the finger at anyone.

The prudent thing to do right now would be to get any sort of vessel for catching water. While it might change quickly, the forecast is that we will have some rain in St Francis Bay towards the end of the week, and it might be enough for us to stash enough water for a couple of weeks. 

Start off with a small tank – a 1,000 litre – and start collecting water. Then, invest in a small water filter to make the water drinkable. Learn more and research water harvesting if you haven’t already. There is a wealth of information on the Buildit website regarding water harvesting and their Big Blue Filtration Systems.

When the rains come on Thursday, and possibly into Friday, it could be the last gasp opportunity to save water that will get us through the first few days of the impending Day Zero scenario. It will be a challenge for us all – whether at home or in a business environment – to have no water available in our taps, and we need to do what we can. 

Now we need to work on a program to keep the lights on. Any ideas?


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