Best Wishes To All

Firstly, St Francis Today would like to wish our readers and supporters a wondrous New Year and hope it is a prosperous year for all. A little bit late in our wishes, but we’ve been quite busy, especially when it comes to advertising on St Francis Today, but more on that later.

Secondly, St Francis Today would like to thank all the advertisers, sponsors, critics and others who have all done something worthwhile to help SFT along the way.

Former Editor Colin Watt

It was a challenging period during the take-over from former editor Colin Watt. He had many friends, and the people in the village and further afield loved him dearly. At the barest mention of him closing down in the past, his inbox would be inundated with people begging him to stay and to keep the newsletter going.

Now, it seems it is time to step up and take the reigns. Unfortunately, I still don’t know half of what I’m doing on the website’s back end and just follow a list of instructions. Still, it seems to be working.

Advertising on St Francis Today Nearly Full

This brings me to my final point on the daily newsletter. I would like to thank everyone who has been advertising with me. It is gratifying to know the work is being appreciated. The funny thing is, there is actually not much ad space left, and I would just like to clarify: The leader boards are full. The second boards are full. The tide adverts are full. The news adverts has one more slot left, and there is one more sponsored column open.

So if you’re looking for some ad space, please reach out and claim it. After these final two ad spots are taken, we will be closing off advertising on St Francis Today for a couple of months, or until something changes.

Congratulations to all who managed to get in. This jol is quite full now. If you really have a need to advertise to the St Francis Bay and environs community, and are happy to work way outside the box, we do have a few unconventional ad campaign ideas, but you’d have to throw caution to the wind, and trust us.

– The Editor