11 years ago Jordy Smith won the Billabong Pro in JBay. © WSL/Kirstin


300 words. That’s what I need to write to get acknowledged by Google. It is such a strange concept. Unless you write to a specific word count and with a particular style, including keywords and backlinks, then it is a pointless exercise writing today.

So this is a bit of filler for me to get to my word count total. Hope you don’t mind. I am controlled by Google. I am a Google robot. 

Who knows how the word Google came about? It is was a typo. Yep, everyone makes spelling mistakes. In this case, they were trying to spell googol. According to the wiki, ‘A googol is the large number 1 with 100 zeroes. In decimal notation, it is written as the digit 1 followed by one hundred zeroes. 10,​000,​000,​000,​000,​000,​000,​000,​000,​000,​000,​000,​000,​000,​000,​000,​000,​000,​000,​000,​000,​000,​000,​000,​000,​000,​000,​000,​000,​000,​000,​000,​000,​000.

So now you know.

The PGA Golf Championships 

It’s on, at The Links. The guy in the lead going into today, Friday, Steve Surry, scored a hole-in-one on the par-three seventh hole. An ace in a PGA Championship is pretty incredible. “It was certainly one of my better on the course,’ said a self-effacing Surry in what will be remembered as one of the understatements of the tournament. 

Jordy Smith

Two times runner up to the surfing world title, Durban born Cape Town-based surfer Jordy Smith is in the zone, and if you want to watch him surf, he will be at the beachbreak this morning. Smith finished the World Tour at 7th place last year and is good to watch.  https://www.worldsurfleague.com/athletes/tour/mct?year=2021

He’s hanging with Durban surfer James Ribbink. Come watch, get signatures etc

Ben Trovato

We have a new columnist in world-renowned writer Ben Trovato. He is nothing but trouble, but he has been known to make people chuckle as well. When in town, he is always in the lineup at Seal Point, dodging deadlines. His first column drops today, and it just might make a few locals laugh. To keep sane in these crazy times, one good solution is to learn to laugh at ourselves. 

So that’s 350 words.