Notes From The Editor 

4 November 2021

It has been an exciting few days in South Africa as the population, well, a percentage of the people, turned up to cast their votes. With the voting all done and dusted and the ballot papers still being tallied, we can start looking forward to seeing how the next few years will plan out. 

As previously mentioned, as long as you had the mettle to go and vote, you have done your bit for the country’s future. If you didn’t bother to vote and took Monday off to go and surf or hang at the beach, well, that’s a pity. A wasted vote on 1 November 2021 is something that we can never have back, gone forever into the sands of time. Remember, if you didn’t vote, you’re not allowed to moan.

Moving on, though, the town is busy, with the golfers in town for their PGA tournament at The Links.  

It’s a big field, and there are television crews around and filming, and there will be live tv this weekend direct from the Links Golf Course. There are strict protocols and procedures in place, and you will find these and more information in the PGA column on St Francis Today. 

This weekend also sees a surf contest at Seal Point, the Nelson Mandela Bay Surfriders Closed tournament, and a lot of our locals will be surfing in it and a few surfers from Port Elizabeth and surrounds. It should be loads of fun as per usual. For more, go to The forecast looks quite good for the weekend, with some great waves on Saturday as well as Sunday morning. Hopefully, the organisers can get the lion’s share of the heats done before the predicted onshore comes up. 

The St Francis Bay area is producing some great surfers at the moment, with a crop of groms and super-groms coming through. These guys and girls will be on the podiums across the country and maybe even overseas in a few years. So if you can, come down and support our surfers this weekend. 

Finally, we have a big surprise in store for readers tomorrow. We have coerced a brilliant, award-winning writer and columnist to pen a column for St Francis Today. Of course, should it go disastrously, that person will be cancelled immediately to protect the good name of St Francis Today. But, on the other hand, should it go down well, that person might write a few more columns for us. Sometimes you have to take a chance.