Time For Change

There will be a few, mostly subtle changes to St Francis Today over the next 6 weeks.

The Outer Limits Of Digital Nomadism

Over the next few weeks, there will be a few temporary changes to St Francis Today. The editor will be away on various missions, testing the outer limits of digital nomadism. There will be timeline differences and daylight hour discrepancies, and other fun stuff like that to deal with.

The results will be that some SFT updates will be published a bit later than usual. In addition, there might be a few “St Francis Today Lite–style” newsletters with less content (but better for you.) On really average days, there might be a missing newsletter or two. For this, we apologise in advance. It’s not like we’re travelling in time, just travelling along normal routes and with normal modes of transport. It just might be impossible to publish on certain days.

It’ll only be for a few weeks until things return to some sort of normalcy, as there is no normal anymore. So thanks for your patience and support.

Please Recycle

We took a turn to the recycling centre yesterday, and it is a thriving and busy little corner of St Francis Bay. We recommend that all visitors and locals alike recycle all of their crap that will accumulate over the festive period and take their garden refuse. We all know about the value and ideology behind recycling, but how many of us actually do our bit? Situated next to the fire station, the recycling centre is central and convenient. It should be a regular stop for all visitors and locals alike.

Also, feel free to take down a few meals or some of those delicious Christmas leftovers to the staff running the recycling centre. They are working hard and doing good things.

Get Your Athleisure Wear On

There are a few upcoming events in the hood for the fitness heads out there. So please diarize them and get out there, running, sweating, swimming etc.