As we bat on in life to reach that all but and nigh impossible milestone century, there are moments when we lose concentration which seem to occur more often the closer you get. Searching for car keys that you misplaced is one of those lapses. Frustratingly searching for your specs only to find them ten minutes on perched on your head, another. Possibly the most traumatic is leaving the air-conditioning of a large shopping centre in the city and not being able to find your car. The inevitable panic sets in as thoughts of your car having been stolen are paramount. Stopping to contemplate your predicament it finally dawns on you that you left the centre from the wrong exit and so no harm done, retrace your steps and finally locate the missing vehicle just a little embarrassed.

These small lapses in concentration are fortunately occasional with no harm done other than a little self-embarrassment. But when you actually forget to take up your stance to face the bowler and don’t even see  the ball goes whizzing by, these moments become a major concern.

Well last evening the ball went whizzing by and the delayed realisation only hit at 2:09 this morning.

Rock Lily pulled off one of the biggest coups of the year in signing PJ Powers for not one, but two shows at the music bar in Cape St Francis. To those who lived and loved the 1995 Rugby World Cup, PJ’s rendition of “World in Union” was as big hit to many of us rugby fans as “I wanna hold your hand” was to Beatles fans in the 60’s. It is a song that still conjures up the memories and pride of that Rugby World Cup of 21 years ago.

Having met PJ way back, she was a school friend of the daughter of a friend whom I often visited to enjoy a sundowner beer after work. Then known simply as Penelope, I cannot say I paid much attention to her presence until she hit the big time in music some years later when, with a bit of prompting from my pal, I did vaguely remember meeting her.

So her performance at Rock Lily last night was probably of a little more interest to me than most. And I was truly looking forward to listening to her perform hoping she would sing ‘World in Union’ and really make my day. Well you guessed it! A major lapse in concentration and I awoke in the early hours to realised I hadn’t just missed the ball; I hadn’t even seen the bowler bowl it. It would be easy to blame the Olympics which has enthralled me over the past few days, but no, I simply forgot.

Well such is life so I guess I will be cap in hand to beg Rock Lily owner Mike Kimmings for a ticket but as the performance was sold out weeks ago, I would say my chances are nil to nothing. For all those who didn’t forget to go, I certainly hope you enjoyed the show and for those who are attending Saturday’s performance, enjoy!