Collo’s Column

The ban on liquor off-sales over the Easter weekend has nothing to do with preventing Covid infections, it is all about control. The ANC has lost control and has to do something to show that they are still in charge. They had to give in to the religious groups call for allowing bigger crowds at religious services so they had to show they still have muscle and what better way than to ban alcohol sales.

One would consider those on the Coronavirus Command Council (CCC) to all be reasonably intelligent beings. Surely they all have at least a matric so should have a modicum of common sense . Now we know the common sense cannot be taught, it is part of evolution so maybe herein lies the problem, or maybe not. So if they are reasonably intelligent why have they made such a nonsensical decision to ban liquor off-sales. This is how conspiracy theories start and gives credence to claims that the Black Marketeers are funding the election kittt.

Think about the stupidity of the liquor sales ban for a moment.

One of the main purposes of the various lockdown over the past year has been to avoid or reduce size of gatherings of people. From the very start when people were basically allowed contact with direct family that saw the hospitality and many other industries close to the present where, well in the cases of churches, there is almost no concerns of crowds it seems.

Surely having bottle stores open is not going to see more people in shopping centres. Having access to liquor is not going to see people drink less and surely encouraging them to drink at home is better than encouraging them to go to restaurants and most of all drive. . Those who can will have stocked up but those, especially the lowly paid will “maak a plan” and so the black market thrives.

So banning off-sales is actually counterproductive if you think about it.

Sunday lunch when the family gather to enjoy a few neers around the braai fnd they have no beer so dad loads the family into the car and they set off for the nearest restaurant.   Jannie feels like he wiill need a couple of brandy and cokes when he watches Bulls play the Lions but he forgot to buy on Thursday so off he goes to the nearest sports bar so he can watch the game.   In the township Freddie couldn’t get to the bottle store on Friday so he leaves his family and pops into the local tavern or shebeen for his fix.

Is the government not thus encouraging crowding rather than reducing it. Great for the reastaurants, pubs, taverns, shebeens and of course the black market but doing exactly the opposite to what they should be encouraging.

Congratulations to the  members of the CCC, may your piggy bank overflow.