Thank goodness food still seems available in some abundance for St Francis seems to be suffering with a shortage of most of the other  commodities that really are essential to our way of life. It is said human life cannot exist without water but it is pretty damn hard without petrol / diesel too.

Whose idea was it to close the existing pumps at the old service station when the new station was so far from completion?  The paving that the contractors are busy laying could easily have been done without starving the town of an essential service – fuel. That petrol and diesel aren’t already hugely expensive without us having to add another R40 or R50 to the price of a tank by having to travel to Humansdorp to fill up to keep our motors running.

Driving by the construction site it seems little progress has been made. This construction is starting to make the bridge construction crew look there appears to be a lot of ‘standing around’ rather than ‘hands on’. If the work continues at this pace it is unlikely to be completed by the start of the season, not to say the season hasn’t already started judging by the number of cars on the roads. 

Not good enough CALTEX, you should have consulted with the contractors before allowing their demolition squad to move in. You have lost a few friends to ENGEN in Humansdorp.