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Very often we have small news snippets of interesting information or important news or events that we really need to be telling you about. Because these news snippets are too short  for a full article we tend to omit then it in favour of longer news articles. Short news snippets from around and about St Francis will feature on this page.

Thief gets 20 years

Thief gets 20 years

In what has to be the Facebook post of the day if not the month is the news SA Police Detective Captain Johan du Toit’s success in finally having a habitual criminal put away for 20 years. Sadly he will will probably be out to continue his thieving ways in five years or so years but hopefully other magistrates will start to follow suit with harsh sentences that will support police efforts in keeping criminals off our streets.

Here is the post by Lyn Edwards on the StFrancisAlert profile yesterday

St Francis Bay CAS 37/07/2014
On the 16 July 2014 an elderly woman of 90 years was robbed in her house in St Francis Bay of Jewellery and a Plasma TV to the value of R500 000.00. Three accused were sentenced today in the Hankey Regional Court.

Accused No 1 Gideon Cuthber,t 44 years old was sentenced to 20 years imprisonment. Accused No 2 Vuyolwethu Nkqasi,  30 years of age sentenced to 5 years imprisonment. Accused No 3 Vuyolwethu Mdayi, 32 years of age was sentenced to 5 years imprisonment.

Investigating Officer Det / Captain Johan Du Toit.

Congrats to Capt du Toit and his team of detectives – St Francis Bay SAPS

Thanks to our readers

Thanks to our readers and advertisers

Message from the editor, St Francis Today coffee maker, bottle washer and whatever alse need doing!

Thanks to all those loyal readers for all the support and good wishes by way of e-mail messages, comments ad Facebook whilst whilst I was indesposed having triple by-pass (no I was not having a new fuel injection system fitted to my car). I had the op five weeks ago  and unfortunately, believing I am in fact bullet proof, tried to do a little too much a little too soon. This unfortunately resulted in my suffering a collapsed left lung which apparently was quite serious if  not life threatening.

Anyway I went to PE for a final check-up yesterday and have been given a clean bill of health but with instruction to still take things easy for a month or so. This may result In the  coming weeksthat SFT may be a lillte late (or heaven forbid – not at all) for I have decided to start work at sunrise rather than my previous 3:30am.

Thanks for your support.

Beauty and the Beast

There are a few of us older codgers who shudder at the thought of having to enter the premises of a beauty shop. Even having our hair cut in a ladies hair dressing salon is a last resort and as far as many of us will venture into the world of the ‘metrosexual’. But then a situation where we are left with no option other than to accept that in terms of health and hygiene we have to bite the bullet and venture into one of these foreign, fragrant, peaceful facilities.

Having recently undergone open heart surgery where the surgeon found it necessary to saw through my breastbone, he left me in a situation where many of things I could previously manage, suddenly became impossible. With a deep cut stretching from knee to ankle and another from neck to solar plexus all held together with what looked like oversized paper.

All this made bending to perform simple tasks such as tying one’s shoelaces impossible but easily overcome by wearing slops  or slip-on shoes . But over a 4-week period toe nails tend to grow and by not being able to cut them leaves one not only uncomfortable but also with a dilemma. Somehow Renee Botha of Pop-In Beauty & Nail Bar anticipated my condition and twisted my arm to come in for a pedicure.

Please don’t broadcast this to my mates but WOW what a pleasant experience it was in spite of my holding my breath the entire procedure lest someone I knew were to walk in and witness me being pampered.

NOTE: This by the way does not make me a metrosexual but it really was rather ice being pampered.

St Francis Today is back

St Francis Today is back after our short break

St Francis Today is back with the Ed all patched up with a fully rebuilt fuel injection system.  Not quite 100% just yet so we may not publish every day or may sometimes publish a little later or even earlier than our normal 7:30am deadline. Unfortunately the Ed’s sleeping pattern has been a little topsy turvy of late so please bear with us until we are able to establish a new rhythm.

Sadly we missed the Calamari Classic an event that really has such potential to become an even bigger drawcard than it already is and who knows, even reach the popularity of the Knysna Oyster Festival. After all you can do a whole lot more with calamari than with oysters.

Local news erupted during our shut down with unhappy township residents burning and plundering. Certainly they have the right to protest but do they have the right to destroy property. Most concerning however was the mutilation and killing of dogs near the Humansdorp SPCA premises causing SPCA to evacuate the animals to Uitenhage. What sort of person takes out their rage by taking the life of an innocent animal. Barbaric!

But it seems the barbarism spread to a local pub with a bar brawl that would have had Hollywood Western movie directors scrambling for their cameras and English crickter Ben Stokes wondering what all the fuss is about his little skirmish in the early hours of the morning.

Thanks goodness though for some uplifting and positive news with some of South Africa’s finest young  golfers competing in the Vodacom Origins of Golf at St Francis Links.  As always events such as the Origins highlights just what a wonderful facility the Links offers to the Eastern Cape as a tourst magnet. Read Jeff Clause’s newsScotsmen love it in the dunes!

And then we had the All Blacks giving the Boks their biggest thumping in history. Fortunately the Ed was still in ICU when he heard the news so all the necessary life saving equipment was in place lest the shock news cause cardiac arrest.

Interesting too was the closing of the Paradise Beach causeway whilst  the eco people hummed and hawed before  coming to their senses and allowing the river mouth to be breached.  It is human interference that has stopped the estuary from breaching  naturally so surely a helping ‘human’ hand should be acceptable. Read – Kouga gets the go-ahead to breach the Seekoei estuary mouth

But what would the news be without all the stories of corruption and fraud and so we continue picking up the strings as our poloticians continue to wreak havoc with our economy.

A quick note to advertisers, with our shutdown many adverts have not yet be renewed so should you wish to advertise please be sure to contact Colin on 083 554 0796 or at to discuss your advertising needs into the holidays.

Again thanks to all our readers and loyal sponsors for your understancing and many good wishes on social and other media during our shutdown.

Taking a break

St Francis Today will be taking a short much needed break to have a serivce upgrade on the editor’s fuel injection system. We expect this break to last around three weeks but will be back with some new ideas and features to take us into summer and the holidays.

Electricity interruption tomorrow

We  have just been informed

The power outage has been posponed until 26th October

The power outage has been cancelled St Francis Bay and Cape St Francis electricity interruption on Thursday, 7 September

Eskom will be switching off the power supply to St Francis Bay and Cape St Francis on Thursday, 7 September, from 9am to 4.30pm.

The interruption is necessary for Eskom to perform maintenance work on the St Francis Bay/Cape St Francis 22kV line.

Residents are reminded that all electrical points should be treated as live during this time.The outage is subject to the weather.

The alternative date that has been set is 26 October.

Press release:
Laura-Leigh Randall,
Kouga Municipality
Media Liaison Officer

College Girls Score at Fun Gymnastics

Five St Francis College girls took part in the Bay Gynastics  fun Spring Day competition in Uitenhage on September 2nd.  They were Chloe Bateman, Morgan Ackerman, Layla Reynolds, Micaella White and Katie Joubert (not in this photo). All competitors  received a medal for participation. Chloe Bateman achieved first prize for highest beam score in her level 4 group. Morgan Ackerman achieved highest beam score in her level 3 group, Micaella White highest bar score in her level 2 group and Katie Joubert won best theme outfit.

Well done girls!!

College Girls Score at Fun Gymnastics


Church burgled

Thieves rob St Francis United Church

Crime plumbed new depths on Monday night when thieves broke into St Francis Church and made off withmade off with a large amount of equipment, including the sound system, as well as blankets, food and clothing collected for the needy. The SAPS are investigating and a certain amount of equipment has been recovered.

It really is time that our courts put these  criminals away for a long time. So often the perpetrators are apprehended by SAPS, locked up for a day or two before taken to court where they receive bail and in a day or two are back committing their foul deeds. Even once convcted they spend a few months n prison where they are abbe to hone their skill before being let free into society to rob and pillsge. It is time South African courts stat dishing out life sentences to repeat offenders. They will never be reformed so have no right to ever be part of normal society.

Anyone who saw any suspicious behaviour or find any of the goods which have been stolen is requested to contact SAPS St Francis Bay, or the church office at 042-294-1943

Equestrian Success

St Francis College horse riders achieved top results at this month’s Homestead Equestrian Estate Dressage show. They all achieved first place rosettes and several second and third places. Pictured with riding instructors Leandi Smit (back left) and Tracy Kennedy (back right) are Molly Dalton (Grade 7), Micaella White (Grade 2) and Samara Howell (Grade 6)

Our beach?

A little Monday comtroversy – Agree or Disagree

e-Mail received from a reader

Let’s predict the future of our town. The conversation goes like this.

Dad – “Hey kids, great news! We are going to St Francis again this year for our Christmas holidays ! ”
Kids – “Aah Dad – but there’s no beach”

The reader feels only one question remains. “Is their a direct correlation between the value of St Francis Bay properties and the amount of sand on main beach as we head quickly towards having no beach at all ? No beach is now likely to happen within 6 to 9 months as we add revetments that aide not prevent sand loss. When the Vallies get here they will have a few choice words for us locals, I expect.”

On the other hand — should we rather let nature take its course by doing nothing as the sea encroaches on our shoreline?

What do you think? Add your comments below.

St Francis Bay at high tide