To keep abreast with reader preferences we have changed our news layout to accommodate a growing readership that reads the news on their Phones (43%) rather than Tablets (4%) or Desk / Laptops (53%). We will have to hone the new layout in the coming days as no ‘trial run’ ever quite works out the way on would expect so please bear with us as we make minor adjustments.

Most of the changes are  in the way the advertising (unfortunately necessary to keep us going) presents with some adverts taking on a totally different look  on a phone yet making the ‘read’ hopefully easier and more flowing.

We will also be adding some new features to the page in the coming weeks including a couple of interesting gust writers who will have their own blogs on the site. Anyone with an interesting subject who would like to participate with either a weekly or monthly blog / article please feel free to chat to us (Call Colin on 082 554 0796 or email

To assist us please feel free to make comment below so that we are able to give you a news page that suits, if not all readers, certainly the vast majority.Also please feel free to comment.