Some sneaky news around is that around March some time there will be a new magazine in St Francis Bay, and it will be something completely different.

Brought to you by Wildside Marketing, it will be a full colour, A4 staple-bound magazine. It will have excellent photography and writing, covering S Francis Bay, Oyster Bay, JBay and further, but will start small and humble.

Not too many pages at first, the quarterly magazine will have limited distribution to begin, but it might just grow into something special because ‘every big castle was once started with a single block,’ and other similar cliches about humble beginnings.

Initial inquiries across various local community sectors have been highly positive, and several ad pages have already been confirmed and booked. However, there is limited advertising space remaining in the proposed first issue. Advertising is high-priced, and very constrained, with the magazine having a low ad-to-editorial ratio to bring more quality content to the readers.

The vibe is healthy, sports-orientated, outdoors and cool, with the magazine’s pages revealing what a glorious and wonderful place St Francis Bay is. The mag will tell the stories of what amazing people we have here, the incredible history of the area, and how unique our local businesses and industries are. There will be something for everyone.

Any interested parties are welcome to email Craig Jarvis at for more information regarding advertising and editorial in this new magazine.