There will be a new community magazine in St Francis around March some time,  and it will be something completely different.

Brought to you by Wildside Marketing, it will be a full colour, A4 staple-bound magazine. It will have excellent photography and writing, covering S Francis Bay, Oyster Bay, JBay. It is going to have a small start though, many people are waiting to see what it’s all about before they get involved.

But right now it needs a cool name.

We have two very catchy names in mind, based around the word ‘Wildside’ and we have done initial layouts, but there are a lot of very clever people in the St Francis Bay area who might have a better idea than what we have. So we’re offering a thousand Rand if you submit a cool name and we like it and take it. just steer away from the word ‘Wildside.’ A thousand Rand isn’t much, but it will get you a few beers, or buy you some petrol. It won’t get you any Pecks Anchovette or Redro, or any Chocolate Logs, which is unfortunate, but it’ll get you a few other goodies.

The magazine vibe is healthy, sports-orientated, outdoors and cool, with the magazine’s pages revealing what a glorious and wonderful place St Francis Bay is. The mag will tell the stories of what amazing people we have here, the incredible history of the area, and how unique and special our local businesses, industries and business owners  are. There will be something for everyone.

So what do you call a local magazine that caters for the outdoor people, the business people, the visitors, the younger generation, the ballies, the surfers and the fishermen and everything else in between? That’s exactly what we want to know. Send your entries to and ff we like your idea and decide to use it, we’ll hit you back with a grand in cash.