A report on St Francis Crime Spotter Facebook announced that David Truter, a St Francis Property Owner (SFPO) committee member is to replace long serving Nigel Aitken as Chairman of the of the St Francis Bay Sector.

David Truter

Truter is the SFPO  committee member responsible for the very successful CCTV Camera Surveillance project which since the inception of the CCTV project, has seen incidents of crime have drop substantially.

There are four such Sector Police Forums which make up the greater St Francis Community Policing Forum currently chaired by John Hammond. These are St Francis Bay, Cape St Francis, Sea Vista and Oyster Bay. These forums serve as the liaison between the SAPS, local private security companies, Neighbourhood Watch and other safety and security organisations in our area and aim to build better understanding and cooperation and improve safety and security in our region.

Numerous meetings have been held with the relevant stakeholders as well as various residents over the past two months to ascertain concerns and suggested solutions to further reducing crime in the area. Further meetings will be taking place to put the suggestion into a draft plan of action to ensure crime remains on a downward trend.

One of the suggestions that demands immediate attention is the clearing of bush on empty stands. In this regard the committee is liaising with the municipality to ensure that this is fast tracked.