Neighbourhood Watch is making a difference

Neighbourhood Watch is making a difference in the community and this weekend, a potential robbery was averted.

Neighbourhood watch in St Francis Bay

An observer on patrol noticed a suspicious character hiding in the bushes. A security company was called and a two-man response team arrived quickly. The character was in possession of a long screwdriver and a pocket full of stones but could give no explanation for being there at that time of night in that vicinity and with those items. He was in an area where several cars were parked overnight. It was obvious that he was a man on a mission but Neighbourhood Watch frustrated him. As no further information could be obtained from him, he was escorted out of the area, and taken to Sea Vista.

Barry Wild, who is heading up Neighbourhood Watch, believes that the man was caught as there were two patrols on duty that night increasing the number of eyes observing. It would be an enormous help of there were even more people prepared to patrol. Residents have said that it is a good feeling to see the orange light blinking through the windows at night, and two separate groups of people coming home late waved and expressed their appreciation for the patrols.

At a meeting earlier in the week, Captain Johan du Toit commented that the patrols had made an impact, especially over the past couple of months and he expressed his appreciation for the patrols. The local police station is hampered by monetary and man-power constraints and Neighbourhood Watch helps enormously.

Visible policing is important and just two hours once a week will assist in keeping down crime. Barry says: “Our patrollers give of their own time and expense to keep you warm and safe in your beds. Is it fair that only a handful of us are prepared to this to keep the village safe? Please consider joining us in our efforts to keep you safe.”

If you can help in any way, either patrolling or in monetary terms or equipment, please contact Barry on 082 376 9947 or