have your say on St Francis TodayWhile the sand spit teeters along precariously in the recent spring high tides and the medium southerly swells, there is a lot on the go with the Special Ratings Area and their well thought out plans and ideas.

The work that they have been doing is great and to be commended. The amount of time and effort put in, to make these plans come to fruition and to see all ideas and remedial steps put into action and run to completion is wonderful to see in this small community, and helps to garner a great community spirit and the feeling that we can get things done, as a team and as a unit, if we work together.

The groynes and the beach replenishment is what the surfers are excited about, and it is one of those projects that is now going to run to conclusion. The gates have been opened and the process is inevitable. There will be groynes builds, there will be sand – pumping of some sort and there will be nourishment of the St Francis beaches. We are just lucky that the people in charge have enough experience and indefatigability to get the various jobs done to completion.

Having said that, the workings of various SRAs across the country (there are 39 in Cape Town and more coming on line) have had incredible results and the subsequent ‘super living’ conditions as described by Anna Marie Smith from Private Property (https://www.privateproperty.co.za/advice/property/articles/special-rating-areas-a-multitude-of-benefits/1409). The radical eradication of crime, the reconstruction of slums, and in some cases, the tie-in of beaches being awarded Blue Flag Status’s by direct and indirect SRA influence.

Surfers don’t really want to attract more surfers to their already-crowded beaches and points. Surfing is a selfish pursuit and surfers want to catch and ride as many waves as they can by themselves. If people get in the way they get vexed, if people contest for their waves they often get angry. So why would they be behind the possible construction of more waves in our area?

The answer is clear on any light westerly afternoon down at Seal Point.

The kids. 

There is a new generation of children who are enjoying the waves and the fun times down at the beach at Seal Point, surfing the small inside waves on the beach, or getting pushed into the foamies by their dads, in front of the gathered parents. Many of the kids come across from St Francis Bay and many are local, but they hang out and scream and shout and discover the joys of surfing in a very easy and manageable environment, with everyone watching out for everyone else.

They are going to be the people who benefit from the construction of groynes and the possible introduction of some man-made waves. They will be the ones who benefit from the work of the SRA and the hard work being put in now, to fix the things that have been destroyed by human intervention.

They will enjoy the benefits of extra security and the tightening down of security measures in our village, as well as the work being done on fixing the roads.

The SRA has maintained a holistic approach to the general upliftment of the area, and as openly discussed on the St Francis Property Owners website https://stfrancispropertyowners.co.za/ they are in the game to make things happen, as opposed to watching what happens, or ultimately, wondering what happened.

The village has been in a constant state of disrepair for a long time now, and it is clear that there will never be enough help forthcoming from the Kouga Municipality. Which is why the majority of residents, permanent and holiday house owners, agreed to the SRA and to the vision and goals put forward by the steering committee.

There has been a lot of talk about the groynes, and the sand replenishment project, and it is continuing, much to the delight of not only surfers, but for beach goers and general thalassophiles who live here or visit the area to utilize and enjoy the ocean and the associated facilities available.   

It’s not just about surfers, but they’re probably the most excited. While man has destroyed many waves the world over, man is also responsible for some of the best ma-made waves in the world.

Craig Jarvis – The Truth Collection