Local matriculants are armed and ready to tackle their last remaining exam papers. 

Kouga Speaker Hattingh Bornman and Kouga Moral Regeneration Movement (MRM) chairman Siyabonga Tambo visited Lungiso and Humansdorp Secondary last week to catch up with matric pupils sitting for their final school exams.

“Matric exams are a right of passage all young people have to go through,” Bornman said.

“No matter how well you prepare, it can be a nerve-wrecking experience. That’s why the support of one’s parents, siblings, friends, teachers and broader community is so important during this time.

“Don’t be shy to ask for help if you feel overwhelmed. Sometimes all it takes is a good heart-to-heart talk or a hug to help you find the strength to continue.”

Tambo joined the Speaker in wishing the matriculants well.

“We pray for you every day. You are not alone.”

He further urged the matric not to despair if their results were not what they hoped for.

“Not all of us have the same talents. Some will do better in the exams than others, but all of you, regardless of how you perform, have a part to play in this world.

“It’s never too late to achieve your dreams, just keep believing, stay focused and keep moving towards your goal, even if it is one small step at a time.”                       

The matrics each received a pen so as to ensure they were armed for the last stretch of their exams.

Kouga MRM chairman Siyabonga Tambo, Public Participation officer Fumanekile Lloyd, Lungiso Head of Department Tando Mqolomba, Kouga Speaker Hattingh Bornman and MRM secretary Gwen Ntshali prepare to hand out pens to the matriculants.