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21st February – Posted by Richard Arderne

Disney Creche looking vastly improved today after the upgrades over the past year, funded largely by an a St Francis homeowner (who wishes to remain anonymous), with a lesser amount by the Flash Float (represented by Jane Arderne, 2nd from left) and a smaller contribution by Pam Golding, all managed by Tom Roux of Rotary (right) and much of the work carried out by Neil Grobler (left). Second from right is principal Charlotte Visagie. Neil and Tom will now proceed with further upgrades, made possible by the latest Flash Float

disney creche upgradesv

19th Februuary

Roy Tustin‎ to Eastern Cape Birding

22 hrs ·

Black-Cheeked Lovebird – Agapornis nigrigenis.

I know that this subject has been discussed before, BUT I spent the weekend at Cape St. Francis and St. Francis Bay and the Black-Cheeked Lovebirds are everywhere. Yes they obviously started off as escapees, but there are flocks of them everywhere, so it is not a new phenomenon, they must have been breeding for many years and are now entrenched in this area. There have been comments that they should be eradicated as they will / can affected the local indigenous birds of that area, however that would be now due to their numbers highly unlikely, and probably would cause a public outcry. For instance in the UK and Europe there are now many areas where Ring-necked Parakeets are found and tolerated, on my last visit to the UK there was a flock of about 10 – 12 in my mother’s garden. We have many birds in South Africa that were introduced i.e. Common Mynah, Common Starling , Common Chaffinch, which are now viewed and counted as South African birds to be ticked. Will the Black-Cheeked Lovebird ever be shown as a species in the St. Francis area? It can only be a matter of time that they spread to Jefferies Bay / Humansdorp area! Comments please.

18th February

“I started Nomvulas 14 years ago because I found it difficult to enjoy my lovely home while people up the road were living in shacks. I naively hoped that providing jobs would help whilst this government got its act together. Sadly, nothing has improved in that regard.

Francis Nomvula’s is not a charity. I believe that handouts don’t do any favours. Rather we are in the job creation business and train people in craft skills and business management. We encourage our knitters to be involved in the day to day running of the business with the idea that they will take it over. Already I am away for months at a time and they run the business very well.

My feelings around improving St Francis?
At some point, the community needs to realise that the disparity between rich and poor in our area is problematic for us all and any way in which we can diminish that would be helpful. Support local businesses. Share knowlege. Support or join Rotary. We get some help from Rotary and most of our knitting machines are donations. I have had help from friends all over the world!

Our biggest market is in Cape Town and we supply to small boutiques in New York. This year I want to build up a European market. Bernice from Toffee is great and now St Francis Bay Brewery is on board. We knit Penguin items for Trudy Malan in Gaansbaai amongst a lot of smaller customers. We like to keep about 10 to 12 customers going throughout the year. Our swish new website (www.nomvulas.com) will hopefully bring in more customers.

I started coming to St Francis for holidays before the Kromme River Bridge was built and before the canals were a reality. I have a long history with St Francis.

Who am I? A mother and an altruistic multi-faceted socially aware artist working in many fields, including dance – who happens to have a knitting business”

Frances. St Francis Bay.

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16th February

Irma Kapp posted this great photo of the approaching storm

Storm approaching

Photo posted on Facebook by Irma Kapp


The Kromme Enviro-Trust took to the streets ‪today, Saturday, morning‬ and were enthusiastically supported by around forty energetic St Francis residents in cleaning up a mountain of litter on or near St Francis Drive in Santareme – St Tarragona to Otter’s landing.

There were about 65 full bags of rubbish
comprising mainly of beer bottles, energy drink tins and cigarette boxes.

More street clean ups planned – your area could be next! Watch this space…

St Francis Street Clean Up

Some of the 65 bags collecetd on St Francis Street Clean Up by Kromme Enviro Trust