Dam levels continue to drop and the combined total has now dropped to below 20% of capacity with our largest dam.  Kouga at a perilously low 9.45% and second largest, Impofu  at just 17.9%. These two dams are the largest in the Eastern Cape and  supply Port Elizabeth and of course St Francis and surrounds

So we need not remind you how important, no imperative it is to save water.

The DA led Kouga Municipality instituted a borehole project funded by some of the R151 million emergency funding from National Treasury resulting in a significant incrase capacity for the region that includes St Francis, Humansdorp and Jeffreys Bay. Certainly this has offet what could have been calamitous over the holiday season with increased water usage in these areas.

With less demand due to fewer visitors there is still a need to save water and the 50 litre restriction is still in place. Residents, and remaining visitors are requested to make every effort to save water.

And let us not forget our hugely important  citrus industry that relies so heavily on the water from our dams.

Dam Levels - 4 Jan Kouga Region