Local Businessman thanks Event Organisers

Local business owner Jethro Cadman thanks the organisers of the various events that are being held in St Francis ober the holidays in a Facebook posts.

“This might not be the right time or stage to say this but seeing that loads of people are bitching and complaining I thought that maybe the flip side of the coin should speak out.

I would personally like to thank all the event organizations and hosts in St Francis Bay over this Holiday Season. You guys have done a totally splendid job in providing enough entertainment so as to the have majority of all the rental houses, backpackers and guest houses filled with out of town guests.

You all have made sure that the places you are using to have your shows are well policed, have ample parking, are clean and well maintained. Hats off to you all for making this December/January totally awesome! You guys ROCK.

Believe it or not but a lot of business in this area cannot fully survive without the cash injection that our holiday seasons offer. Being in a small town with not a lot of open local trading happening, these periods give us the people we need to survive.

Without events being held by the Ruins, Billy’s Beach, Cobs Cove, Legends, The Brewery, Olive Tree etc we would not have the people coming in and buying from our shops, using our holiday accommodation, eating at our restaurants, using our canal cruises, drinking at our bars, playing at our fantastic golfing facilities or swimming on our coastline.

You might not like the taste in music that is being played or the volume that it is being played at but I can assure you that YOUR kids do and I bet if you look at yourself when you were their age your parents didn’t like your taste in music or volume either!

Smile. You are on holiday. Enjoy it. Live a little. Do something amazing that you will carry around in your heart as a memory forever – rather than the memory of a little noise. Don’t be a grumpy person just because 100s of others are having fun at your sleeps expense.

To all the locals: Right on! You guys have so far delivered a faultlessly awesome season. Hats off to you all. Give yourselves a pat on the back.

To all the holiday makers: I hope that you have a fantastic stay and that you will enjoy every second of it! Make the time here something amazing. Look up at the stars and breath the fresh air. In a few weeks you will be back in a city with traffic, smog and millions of irrate people.

Seriously…. If you can’t beat them…. Buy a house here and join them!!

Just my rusty 2c worth.”

St Francis Today and no doubt all business in St Francis concurs. For those who complain it is over before we know it so either live with it or join others who rent out their houses and spend your summer holidays elsewhere where is is quiet and peaceful. Surprisingly it is some of the out of towners who complain which makes no sense for all the events and fun are created to enhance their stay in our little village / s.