It seems there is much confusion regarding Load Shedding.

In news received after posting this article there has been confirmation that Load Shedding has been called off for the weekend but will remain a threat if the unions and Eskom cannot reach agreement next week. ………..

“Labour unions are returning to work on Friday after their unprotected strike on Thursday‚ but warned that they could kick into “second gear” if wage negotiations with Eskom remain deadlocked.”  READ

A  Schedule for St Francis Bay has been posted on Facebook but where this schedule emanates from seems a bit of a mystery for it doesn’t appear to be from the municipality or any other official source and certainly not from Eskom. That said the municipality seems to have put on a hold on all news with no press releases on anything they are doing let alone something as important as load shedding in the past days and even weeks.

So with load shedding again on everyone’s lips we need to stand prepared, and probably more than a little frustrated. There is little we can do if there is load shedding other than be prepared and although we have published a copy of the schedule maybe take it with a pinch of salt for it could be FAKE NEWS considering it seems only to be on Facebook, notorious for FAKE NEWS..

We however suggest if you are a Springbok (or English) rugby supporter find a pub with a generator for the game tomorrow afternoon.

All that said it seems that Hankey last night was in the dark between 17:50 and 20:00 due to Load Shedding according to a report JBAY News but the municipality remains silent.