There are no doubt some are not totally enamoured with the SRA 2018 proposal seemingly having achieved the 50+1 votes required. We live in a democracy and so the outcome must be seen as the will of the majority within the demarcated area of St Francis Bay.

There are those who voted NO as their limited fixed income will be sorely stretched and their rejection of the proposal is understandable. But there are also those who voted NO simply because they do not believe the SFPO efforts will work and that the beach is a lost cause. Possibly that is true but should we all just sit and watch as the ocean slowly consumes more and more of St Francis Bay.

There comes a time when man has to intervene in what man has caused. We experienced it during the Zuma reign. The majority at the time voted Zuma into power and the country sat and watched whilst he eroded the economy and the country. Finally in late 2016 and throughout 2017 into 2018 man started to intervene and the efforts of the many concerned organisations finally paid off and stopped that erosion. Had all those organisations so intent on saving South Africa done nothing, would we be rid of Zuma?

Man has caused the eroding beach, silting river and so man, with the guidance of DEDEAT and those with experience in similar conditions, maybe, just maybe, man can turn back the tide.

Certainly SFPO have a huge responsibility to all in St Francis Bay to get on with what they have set out as achievable under the proposed SRA 2018. It is essential that they now take SFB into their confidence and keep all concerned with progress once the SRA is finally rolled out should it be approved by the Kouga Municipality.  And just as important is that all of SFB get behind them and support their efforts.

For those who feel SFPO’s efforts to save the beach will be in vain, maybe the linked story and video below will give you just a little hope and accept that doing nothing will achieve nothing but planting that “first tree” may be what is needed to reclaim the beach and save a flagging St Francis Bay. Let’s just hope it doesn’t take 39 years but even if it does we will have left our grandchildren and their children a little piece of paradise.

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