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Lighthouse Arts and Music Project

The Lighthouse Arts and Music Project is a program to provide opportunity for the youth of St Francis Bay

As destiny would have it Lhente-Mari Pitout, the Artistic Director at the University of Pretoria met Karin and Wolfgang Fuchs, German expats living in St. Francis Bay, on a holiday in 2011. They formed a close friendship and found that they share a common passion for the youth of South Africa, education and the performing arts. As a proud South African, it was heart-warming to see how foreigners embrace all that is South Africa, the beauty of the people and the beauty of our diverse culture. Out of this fortuitous meeting a dream was born and earlier this year it finally came true with the formation of LAMP – Lighthouse Arts and Music Project. A program that would provide opportunity for the youth of St Francis Bay to be involved with an arts program to develop their natural abilities and create opportunity for them to express themselves.

This program will be based on one that was created by the internationally acclaimed University of Pretoria Youth Choir (singers aged 13 – 19),to develop young South Africans into well balanced individuals, expressing ideas, sharing dreams and appreciating different cultures. This project choir – model, is well established in numerous parts of our country where partnerships with local organisations help to uplift the community through arts. Giving people a sense of self-worth, a sense of collaboration and ownership of what is inherently South African: to sing and dance.

The program will be fostered by Lhente-Mari Pitout, who visits once a month to conduct Music Workshops and form a choir to perform in the festive season. She is also fortunate to be in partnership with the International Kokopelli Choir Association from Canada, who sent 2 volunteers to St. Francis Bay to offer their skills and expertise that were gained through extensive experience in a similar project in Edmonton, Alberta. Both working as performers and management, Sidney M’Sahel and Cassie Myrre Hickman have been living and integrating into the community since 21st of September 2016. They have been exploring the town and the people, identifying the youth that would like to participate in all projects related to LAMPS.

The project has been adopted by local pillars of the community, John Hammond from the Desk Event Company and Bruce Brooker from the Rotary St Francis Bay, who have given of their time, energy and resources voluntarily.

Thank you to the brave people of St Francis who have embraced and supported this initiative. We hope to bring you beautiful stories and heart-warming experiences, seeing our youth flourish and become well developed citizens in the community.

“It’s not what the world holds for you. It’s what you bring to it.”― Kevin Sullivan

For more information please contact Wolfgang Fuchs. Tel: 082 314 3706

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