Reader Berenice Kilfoil says Light up Christmas

A letter received fro reader Berenice Kilfoil suggests we should light up Christmas in St Francis

Light up Christmas in St Francis

“Yes the season has begun in St. Francis. But is it really Christmas

All the holiday makers who stream into St. Francis have left towns and cities blazing with Christmas lights, and decorations, carols being played over Public address systems. Beautiful large Christmas trees in shopping centres and parking lots. Fairy lights and baubles everywhere.

Then you arrive in St. Francis Bay and wonder if they even think of Christmas beyond the ringing and ching ching of cash tills . With the exception of the Spar and the Spar Centre who all make a stunning effort. The shop shelves and racks are groaning with newly arrived goods, which have been arriving in St. Francis for weeks before “the season.

Frantic staff and owners unpacking and getting ready for “the season” But sadly not one box containing Christmas decorations, or fairy lights or strip lights, or baubles. Imagine our lovely Village buildings with strip lights, lighting up the gables, Fairly lights wrapped around the lovely palms on St. Francis Bay. Lights along St. Francis Drive What fun it could b e if there was a charity competition set up for the ‘holiday makers’ to vote for the best decorated retail outlet, or restaurant etc. maybe different categories. ????

All over the world Christmas decorations become tourist attractions and canal houses are in competition with each other to decorate their holiday homes. Nightly Boat trips to see the lights. Villages and town where people visit just to see the lights, then stay on for a meal or a drink. Amazing Christmas markets! Google Mandurah in Western Australia. I am sure they have a section showing their amazing Christmas lights on the canal houses.

I wrote to Santa asking him to send some Christmas decorations and lights to The Village in St. Francis Bay, The Port, even the Cove. I wonder if he received my Letter ????

Merry Christmas