Not much news emanating out of St Francis this week but some interesting posts on Facebook  are worth publishing as they refer to previous post on St Francis Today. The first was a post on the beautiful  Brunsvigia gregaria which is presently blooming on lawns and verges throughout St Francis and indeed Kouga.  SFT wrote of these striking plants way back in April 2016.  They can  be seen flowering at this time of year from the Gamtoos River on the N2, to the Greater St Francis area. Sadly they have become highly threatened because of urban development, alien invasion, and ignorance and are in danger of dying out if people, new to the area, are not informed. Botanists and plant lovers hope that with more awareness their disappearance may be halted.

You can read the original article on Brunsvigia gregaria at

The other Facebook post that caught our attention also relates to the Fflora and Fauna was a post by FOSTER on footage caught on the FOSTER web trail camera that shows a new addition to a bush buck family. Too little is published on the incredible work this dedicated group does to protect the beauty that surounds us in St Francis. If you are new to St Francis and care about the precious green spaces and “cherish our beautiful places where nature has primacy”, give  FOSTER a helping hand and donate, and if not yet a member, join up today. . More information is available on their website –


Reminder to thse living in vicinity of Rock Lily in Cape St Francis! A meeting is being held with regard to the Transfer of Liquor Licence – The meeting is being held at Cape St Francis Resort on Wednesday11th April at 16h30 with regard to the transfer of the Liquor Licence held by Michael Kimmings of Rock Lily into the name of Dane Shaw. All interested parties are invited to attend.  The purpose of the meeting is to consult the local community in the vicinity of Rock Lily with regard their feelings in this regard and to consult with them. The conditions of the licence are not going to change as this is merely a change of ownership of the licence.