Kouga Executive Mayor Elza van Lingen has a sense of humour.

It was rather a privilege to receive an invite to attend the inauguration of Kouga’s new Executive Mayor on Friday. At a packed  Kruisfontein Civic Hall, an enthusiastic audience welcomed the announcement of Elza van Lingen as out new mayor as well as other DA Councillors, including newly elected Speaker Horatio Hendricks, with loud applause. After taking over the Speakers chair Hendricks had to ask the assembled DA supporters not to applaud as in fact a full council meeting was in progress.

But the crowd was not to be denied and the applause erupted as van Lingen was robed in the Mayoral Cloak. In a short speech accepting the nomination van Lingen showed a lovely sense of humour as she was first disturbed and then commenting on a power failure at a previous event when the loud speaker system conspired to spoil the flow of her speech.

Continuing she named her new Mayoral Committee for the next five years:

  • Desmond Petersen (Infrastructure, Planning and Development),
  • Danny Benson (Social Services),
  • Frances Baxter (Tourism and Creative Industries),
  • Bryan Dhludhlu (Local Economic Development),
  • Brenton Williams (Finance, Administration, Monitoring & Evaluation)
  • Nico Botha (Special Projects).

Watch short video of her acceptance speech.

VIDEO (2 mins)

With formalities over our new Mayor gave her inauguration speech where she assured,th assembled that “from today, we not only represent the Democratic Alliance but all the people of Kouga regardless of who you voted for.”

To listen to her speech you can watch the speech (9 minutes) by clicking on the link below.

VIDEO (9 minutes)

Apologies for videography but the audio is clear.

What was most notable of the day’s proceeding was that everything was on time. The meeting started promptly and took a little over an hour..