Fourcade Botanical Group

Fourcade Botanical at Addo A donation was given to the Fourcade Botanical Group so that their Junior Members could visit the Addo Elephant National Park. Members of the Group met with the twenty-six children a few days before they went to give them some background. When asked if they would like to go to Addo, every hand went up and when the Saturday morning arrived they were all up before dawn and ready to go.

The Addo Park arranged to meet them, a guide (fluent in 3 languages) hopped onto their bus and besides the two hour game drive they were taken to the museum where, amongst other exhibits, they could watch dung-beetles hard at work.

From their thank-you letters which included pictures for the kind person who made their trip possible, it was clear to see they had had an unforgettable day.  Many of them wrote of the animals they had seen and that it was the first time in their lives that they had seen them. They learnt of the Big 5, they were amazed at  the size of the elephants, they saw warthogs, dung beetles, zebras, kudu, tortoises  and Lisakhanya Skosana mentioned the little mouse crossing the road! Jacquin Booysen said that the guide had told them everything he knew about animals.

Ivano Coenraad stated that one of his many dreams had come true and Ashton Quincy maintained it was the best day ever in his life.

It was unfortunate that the person who had given them such a wonderful day was not able to be there to witness their excitement and pleasure when they arrived home.