Pizza  Bar – Second best thing to happen to Cape St Francis!

Mauro of Mauro’s Restaurant at Port St Francis recently did some out the”pizza” box thinking and on Friday, opened a new Pizza Bar at the legendary STIX pub run by Alex Lennox. The Pizza Bar has been built on the verandah of the building and makes for an ideal venue with plenty seating out on the verandah to sit and enjoy a beer and pizza as did this scribe on Friday evening. Word of mouth alone spread through the village for there was a stream of customers throughout the evening all eager to taste Mauro’s fare. After devouring a rather delicious pizza and whilst chatting to Mauro and rubbing a rather satisfied belly, I happened to jokingly say to Mauro, “the second best thing to happen to Cape St Francis”. He immediately countered with “so what is the best thing” to which I replied “……………………………”. And Mauro had to agree and so the idea for a small competition with a free Mauro’s Pizza as a prize was born!. So therein lies the question and a bit of fun to kick off the holiday season

What is the best thing to happen to Cape St Francis?

Add you answer to the comments at the bottom of this article or e-Mail and all the correct answers will go into a draw to win one of Mauro’s Pizzas of your choice.

Mauro's Pizza's at Stix Pub Cape St Francis

Mauro with his team setting up for the rush on Pizza’s to follow on opening night. STIX Publican Alex Lennox second from right.

Many of those who live or holiday in the quaint little village of Cape St Francis are only too familiar with the legendary pub, STIX. Its one of those pubs “where everybody knows your name” and even if they don’t they make pretend they do and make you feel at home. Sure it’s had its ups and downs but to the locals, it is their refuge, their very own piece of Cape St Francis folklore. STIX the pub, is rather hard to classify for it is somewhat different to any pub you may have ventured into. Consider a blend between a township tavern so popular with our overseas visitors who do the township tour bit on the visits to South Africa, an old 60’ 70’ men’s bar converted to accommodate ladies. Then add a touch of a sports bar and maybe one of those not so quaint English pubs with slot machines and a pool table, in this case the slot machine is an electronic golf game and not a one armed bandit. Get the picture? Well maybe it’s nothing like that for after all STIX is unique and you have to come in and see for yourself if you have never yet ventured in.

Beers are sold in quarts, pints and draught and most popular spirits are available along with seemingly endless bottles of Jaegermeister  and Tequila, for these are somewhat popular shooters at STIX. If you are popping in for a pint rather change out of your suit and don a pair of shorts, a t-shirt and a pair of slops for you certainly won’t be overdressed for the accent is on casual. Your first visit may be a culture shock if you are used to the classy pubs in Rivonia or Umhlanga but you will adapt quite quickly if you enjoy casual. If there is no sport, on theTelevisions, STIX has a great selection of piped music played through a great sound system and for a great night out on the tiles, oops, town, STIX often has live music to entertain large contingent of loyal supporters And best of all now that Mauro has established his Pizza Bar Cape St Francis residents no longer have to travel the nigh on 20 kilometre round trip to St Francis Bay when they have a craving for a really good pizza.

And Mauro’s Pizza’s are amongst the best you will taste South of Italy.

Some of the crowd who made a meal of Mauro’s Pizza’s on Friday night.

seen at Mauro's Pizza Bar opening

seen at mauro’s opening