Regular contributor to St Francis Today, Steve Praetorious discusses US Elections

When it came to the American elections I was a bit like an ostrich. My head was in the sand for ages. Why should I bother with wasting time on something that was of very little interest to me. Trump is a Bafoon. He’s had his moment in the spotlight. Who’s this Biden dude anyways? Can’t possibly be worse than Trump right? Surely he’ll easily win and America/the world will be a better place? Job done. Hurrah! Time to move on ….. Or not.

After being contacted by a friend he implored me to follow things a little more closely. He believes that these elections are hugely significant and predicted (still does) a Trump victory. What!? So several weeks ago I decided to clear the sand from my eyes and started following various different news channels. As I did so, a few things became abundantly clear.
1. Most news channels are privately owned and have agenda’s
2. News is no longer used just to factually and fairly disseminate information. It is used to influence.
3. The power to influence lies in the hands of a very small elite.
4. Fake news is real.
5. What on earth are we supposed to believe?
The answer was simple enough ….. just put your head back in the sand Stevo!

But that was not to be. My friend kept sending me messages and links. Incessantly so. It was so irritating at first! A constant barrage of pro Trump information from a host of news channels that I’d never even heard of before. Personal voice notes with impassioned pleas to delve deeper into what was going on. We have to look ‘behind the scenes’ he implored! It started reading like some sort political thriller. Fascinating conspiracy theories and a host of phenomenal Trump achievements. Wow! Could this morally questionable, utterly humourless, tactless, tasteless, bullying, secular, non environmentally minded toad really have achieved that much in just 4 short years? I once again washed the sand from my eyes and diligently read every Trumpist link he shared. There was NO way in hell I was ever going like this man. Main stream news had done a very good job in that regard. Nonetheless (having swallowed several small stones) I began to digest all this new information.

Although even the word Trump still leaves a bad taste in my mouth, I did have an epiphany or two. My friend had looked FOR news rather been fed it. I owed him one thing. I needed to separate Trump from ‘Trumpism’. I needed to acknowledge the positives. Without doubt, his ‘wrecking ball’ has drawn a line in the sand between good and evil. Where he stands personally may well be dubious but why should that detract from the value of this realisation? His achievements for working class America during a time of extreme global crisis are actually quite remarkable. That he hasn’t started a war and actually diffused the crisis in North Korea is barely mentioned. The list goes on. I can well understand now why his team are desperate another four years. There is an action plan and its BIG!

Holy crap! I need to get my head back in the sand …. nobody like to hear all that ‘trumpet blowing’ … Not even me! But before I do so I’m going to stick my neck out one last time. Trump has not gone quietly. Trust me when I say he has no intention of writing a concession speech anytime soon. He will tough this election out in the Supreme court. He may still even win. If he does, it may not be that bad after all. Rather the devil you know than the devil you don’t right? Here’s to digging deep ….

Article by Steve Praetorious

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