Thyspunt obviously has its detractors and its supporters and “nere the twain shall meet”. Whichever side of the horrible fence that has just been erected on the Cape St Francis road, one sits on, the fact is that South Africa simply has to either generate or purchase more power.  We can live with load shedding in our homes as inconvenient as it is but South Africa won’t attract investment nor create much needed jobs without more capacity.

Eskom (government) obviously feels the answer can be found by building more Medupi’s and Thyspunt’s but are they considering the many alternatives being developed by other countries who face similar generating capacity as they  grow their economy’s into the future.

The following article puts an interesting spin on whether these multi- billion Rand monstrosities really necessary or are they simply to “reward the empowered few who wish for centralisation of the energy system so their dominance might persist, against the disempowered many who wish to claim back their autonomy”. READ MORE