On April 1st St Francis Today (SFT) published an ’April Fools’ prank titled “New Water Restrictions in Kouga as from Monday”. Considering the critical state of our water supply the article was intended to once again, as we had so many times in the past few years, draw attention to the need to SAVE WATER. Well received in th spirit is was meant by most, even those who fell for it hook line and sinker, there were sadly those who missed the point of the article and berated us on social media. Well to all those keyboard jockeys who were so negative to what was a humourous slant that drew attention to what is a really serious situation, we raise our middle finger to you for our prediction of water rationing (shedding) seems a possibly correct prediction..

Below s a press release issued by the Kouga Municipality …

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Water Rationing on cards for St Francis

WATER rationing is on the cards for St Francis Bay and Cape St Francis should residents not heed calls to conserve water and minimise water usage as dam levels continue to fall.

This means that water will only be available from the taps for a few hours per day and will be shut off for the remainder of the day – as currently being implemented in Hankey and Patensie.

The warning has been issued by Kouga Executive Mayor, Horatio Hendricks, amid growing concerns over water supply to the region due to the prolonged drought.

According to Hendricks, the Churchill Dam and Impofu dam, that supplies water to St Francis Bay, are expected to be without water between August and September this year.

“The above average water consumption of residents in St Francis Bay and Cape St Francis is of great concern,” he said.

“If the water usage is not reduced significantly by the end of July, the municipality will be forced to consider water rationing. We will give residents more detail as we closely monitor the water consumption over the next few weeks.”

While Hendricks has urged residents not to panic, he has reiterated the call for water saving to be everyone’s top priority.

“We are all scared and we all fear for the worst,” he said.

Some good news

Rainfall in catchment are – Kareedouw measured 22.8 mm, Patensie 15, and Joubertina 6 mm.