Interesting talk by Dr Kaz at Dune Ridge

Dr Kaz - Happy Bodies - Happy Minds

Old habits die hard and the older one gets the less likely and certainly the harder it is to change. We all know we should eat more vegetables, eat less fatty foods and less sugar, drink less, give up smoking, exercise regularly but many of us go on with our lives with an attitude of why change what isn’t broken. Well that is until something breaks and a serious health episode interrupts one’s normal way of life and causes one to ‘catch a wake-up’ and start paying attention to how we live our lives.

St Francis Animal Rescue has over the past years heldsome interesting talks on all manner of subjects including a few of which this scribe has attended. A year or so back Alison Jones gave a very informative talk on healthy eating as a way of retaining a healthy weight and life.  Another truly interesting talk was by Jenny  Rayment, a hypnotherapist,  explaining the many benefits of hypnotherapy and how by delving into the sub-conscious and uncovering experiences, many from childhood, assists patients overcome fears or habits.

The talk yesterday at Dune Ridge Country House by Dr Kaz, a Durban-based GP who is also an Holistic Healer dealt had a subject of a healthy body – a healthy mind and as with the two aforementioned talks proved not only extremely interesting but more importantly, touched on some of the things we need to pay attention to if we are not already.

Those of us born prior to the days of fast foods, television, plastic, microwave ovens, genetically modified food, laptop computers and of course cell phones, truly had a good head start in life. Our bodies and brains were not contaminated by the many health problems these advances are said to have had and continue to have on our health.

There is little doubt that the incidence of cancer seems to be on the increase. Twenty years ago it was unlikely to have association with more than one or two people with cancer. Today most of us would probably need more than both hands to count the number of people we know, or have known, with cancer of one type or another. That more and more is being written on the subject there can surely be no doubt all these changes, be they what we eat or what we use in our daily lives and previously unbeknown to us oldies when we were kids, have an effect on our health.

One eye opener during the talk was a physical demonstration on the effects of a cell phone on our bodies. Dr Kaz had a member of the audience go through a series of tests with her cell phone and it was visually apparent that there is something to the warnings. As they say there is no such thing as a free lunch so are we not paying the price for the convenience of the cell phone.

It was a pity there were only two of us of the male gender in the audience for some of the case studies Dr Kaz spoke of in her talk were on male patients. Belief that we are ‘bullet proof’ should to diminish as we grow older and maybe listening to advice on how to live a better life is not such a bad idea.

Thanks for an interesting and hugely informative talk Dr Kaz.

If you want to listen to a little of what Dr Kaz has to say on fatigue there is a podcast on ECR

or visit her website

And to my health mentor Sacha Park – I promise I will start taking your advice in future! What you have been telling is starting to make sense.