That residents of the informal settlement vented their anger on Saturday morning is certainly a warning of things to come if nothing is done to uplift their squalid living conditions. It seems a lot of promises are made but little, if anything changes in the informal settlement of Sea Vista.

Council moots reasons for reduced levels of service to previously advantaged communities to their stated commitment of uplifting the conditions of the townships throughout Kouga. However there appears little visible evidence of any improvements to life, certainly in the Sea Vista informal precinct. In fact it seems to decay from one day to the next and the residents are obviously starting to react to the situation.

That community services are the first to be destroyed in almost all service delivery protests countrywide may be puzzling to some but consider, the protesters have little else with which to show their discord. Thankfully in this instance it was only some litter and faeces on the R330, it could be worse if their dissent is aimed at more substantial facilities or the wealthier community facilities.

Why more and more poor souls are migrating to our part of the East Cape makes little sense for there is little, if any employment opportunities available. That the informal settlement expands daily must surely be a concern to the council if not the provincial authorities so why then is nothing being done to stop the migration?

There can be no doubt that someone is making money as a landlord of the shacks being erected adjacent the R330. If the DA is so committed to stamping out corruption maybe the council should do a little investigative work to identify the person or persons giving tenure to those building homes on this stretch of land. Considering all the graft, bribery and corruption withing  political circles it would not be surprising if this landlord holds some political clout to protect him if indeed he is not in fact a politician himself.

Fortunately the weekend’s unrest was short lived so there was minimal disruption to travelling between Cape St Francis and the outside world but it  highlights the importance of the roadway from Cape St Francis through the Air Park. Without this road St Francis would be effectively be cut off from the outside world were Sea Vista unrest to occur again.

We were in two minds of posting this but the plight of those living in the informal settlement needs to be addressed by council for it is a fuse just waiting to be lit.