Some heart-warming good news worth shouting from the chimney tops.

It is always touching to hear about the generosity of people for worthy causes and St Francis residents are well known for their generous contributions to charities and other needy causes. Often we publish stories of the St Francis College kids contributing to a cause motivated by the school and sometimes the cause is for the less fortunate. So when the less fortunate band together and contribute to a worthwhile cause this truly heart-warning and news worth shouting from the chimney tops.

Sara-Jane Smith, NSRI Station 21 Station Commander received a call from Mrs Rousseau at Humansdorp Secondary School  to attend  their morning assembly yesterday morning (24th July). Expecting to be given the opportunity to tell the kids of the work done by NSRI Sarah-Jane arrived to an audience of nigh on 2000 kids and teachers ready to tell them all about the wonderful work NSRI does in saving lives, not only on our seas but in almost any emergency situation that presents itself in our region.

To her absolute surprise however the purpose of her attendance was not for her to to tell the kids of NSRI work but rather to collect an amount of R7000 in cash collected by the kids of Humansdorp Secondary School for NSRI. The collected money was lain out in piles spelling out NSRI.

“I was totally overcome when Mrs Rousseau announced the real reason for our visit to the school as it was not only totally unexpected but so heart-warming that these kids have given so generously to the NSRI cause” said an emotional Sara-Jane.

Many of the kids at Humansdorp Secondary School come from Sea Vista and no doubt several of the kids will have been hurt by Ollie Holmes having to stop his wonderful work with the Sea Scouts but here is hoping Ollie’s efforts can be revived and some of these kids who gave so generously will even end up serving NSRI and saving lives.

Well done and thank you Humansdorp Secondary School