Summer’s coming.

Notes From The Editor

Monday 22 October 2021

How To Survive The Zombie Apocalypse


How To Get Through The Festive Season In St Francis Bay With Ease, a local’s guide.  

It’s coming, and while many residents are happy that we will have a decent season’s trading, many get somewhat frustrated over the festive season. Actually, that’s probably the understatement of the year. So many locals get highly irate. 

The thing is, and I know this message is repetitive, but many businesses are desperate for the coming trade. So here’s a few insider tips that will make the summer bearable. 

Sneaky parking

If you’re a local, you’ll know all the sneaky parking spots at all the beaches and restaurants. If not, you definitely know a couple of friends or acquaintances who won’t mind you parking in their driveway or on the grass. So don’t even go and fight for a spot at the beach. Instead, just slide into your ‘reserved spot’ with your local knowledge. 

Early mornings for everything

The sun is up so early, and most visitors are here to have a good time that they jol till late and don’t wake up early. If you’re a surfer, runner, cyclist, paddler or golfer, hit the dawnie. The real dawnie, though. Be on the road or in the water or even teeing off by 5 am if the conditions look good. The zombies hit it around 8 am, and by then, you’re already done, the pressure’s off, and you can feel good about yourself.  

The Cape Town ous are like this in the morning in St Francis, and never make the dawnie.



Sometimes it will get too much, despite your best intentions of keeping it cool. When it gets too much, and someone is racing down the main drag or blocking the road to have a chat, or pushing and shoving in the shops, then you might just have to take a few deep breaths, count to 8, and remind yourself that it’s only really two weeks of zombies, and you have it for the next 50

Trolly Dolly

If you just can’t face shopping, then give Trolley Dolly a call. Their team will do all your groceries and alcohol shopping and deliver them to your door for a very reasonable fee while you go surfing or play golf. It’s a total win, and I can confirm that their service is efficient and very affordable. Mail for more details.  

Don’t be a Karen

It does get difficult at times, and noisy, and busy, and hot. Some people come here with little feel for the laid-back vibe and people who want peace and quiet, but an aggressive rant on Facebook or a ‘naming and shaming’ spree isn’t constructive. Instead, try and go to the source first. Chat to the shop owner, the neighbour, the person doing doughnuts in his bakkie at the beach car park at 3 in the morning. Be nice. So many times, it is just a minor misunderstanding that gets blown out of proportion on social media, so try not to be that person.