By Richard Arderne

By our count, of the 540 residential canal plots, there are only 28 vacant plots left … and very very few are for sale!

A little background:

There were 62 vacant canal plots in early 2012, and then a further 50 were added after the November 2012 fire, making a total (for a few months only) of 112 vacant canal plots.

(these 50 plots after the fire exclude the 17 townhouses which also burned down, and 9 houses not on the canals, which also burned down, making a total of 76 dwelling units which the fire destroyed)

So 74 of the then 112 vacant canal plots have had homes built on them over the last 10 years, a good proportion in the first few years.

But some owners are now demolishing older (and some not so old!) houses to increase the stock of vacant plots!