House in Cape St Francis lost to fire

Update: ISFTbut reported in error that it was a thatch roof this was not the case and was reported in error.  The house was a semi timber  construction. Neighbours report that the family literally escaped with their lives so quick did it become an inferno and they were left in the clothes they were in at the time, nothing else.


We forgot to mention possibly the most vital cog in any of the disasters that may befall our St Francis community – NSRI. NSRI form an important and integral part of the SF DVG and so a big thanks to Sarah-Jane and her team of guys and girls of NSRI who are always there to assist no matter time of day or night, the weather or the type  incident, at sea or on land,

At around 8:00pm a fire broke out on the roof of a thatched house in Cape St Francis, The local Cape St Francis community who were so incredibly active during the 2016 fires responded immediately to the fire and assisted where they could until the first St Francis Fire service vehicle arrived. A second St Francis fire vehicle later also arrived on scene and the fire was fortunately contained and prevented from spreading onto the nearby Air Park.

St Francis Disaster Volunteer Group’s (SFDVG) Liezl Clause was infprmed of the pending danger by the Cape St Francis team immediately activated the various sectors of the volunteer group including Garth Perry of the Air Park and the medical support should they be needed.

According to Liezl, Sean Skelton, who was asleep at the time, was alerted by his wife that the roof was on fire. Sadly the house was razed to the ground and with it 16 years of memories.

Fortunately Sean, his wife and two children are safe.

The importance of the SFDVG certainly showed itself to be a valuable force when it comes to co-ordinating disasters and a big thanks to all concerned, the community, the resort, Brandon at the pharmacy who was immediately on standby and of course the fire brigade for their quick response.


The fire was still smouldering this morning as can be seen from the photos below.