Certainly the event of the season was the Flash Float held on the St Francis Bay Canals over the holidays. From small beginnings as ‘Anything That Floats’, formalizing of the event has seen its popularity simply explode. Blossoming from just over 200 participants a few years ago this year saw over 3000 locals and visitors joining fun.  True to its original name ‘anything that floats’ there certainly were an array of ‘things that float’ and even a few that maybe didn’t float quite that well. Whatever the contrivance of craft, fun was had by all with no mishaps as anything that didn’t sink literally floated up the canals in a colourful spectacle never before witnessed on our famous canals.

Lining the banks, bridges and decks were hundreds if not thousands of spectators adding to those on the water and certainly making this the biggest event ever in St Francis. And so newsworthy has the event become that it attracted national television news to broadcast from St Francis Bay.

Interviewed by SABC News, Cathryn Hemple,  Jane Arderne and Clairwen Praetorious introduced a national audience to how a conversation around a dinner table turned into a major event to help their cause by raising  funds for Talhado’s Children’s Have and Disney Creche, organisations making a difference to the upbringing of the kids of Sea Vista but also promoting St Francis bay and our unique canals..

St Francis Bay has often been the subject of television news reels in the past but usually for the devastation caused by fires so it is certainly great to show South Africa a different side of what our wonderful town has to offer.

Well done ladies your efforts have not only helped promote tourism to our part of the world but also made the lot of our under privileged kids a whole heap better with the funds raised from this event.

And to those who participated, see you next year for a bigger and better (if that is possible) next year.