Helping Body and Environment at St Francis Wellness

More and more we are coming to the realisation that we humans are slowly destroying or planet and some are making a determined effort to stop the rot. Stopping the rot requires changing habits, sometimes easier said than done, but as awareness grows so the systems in which we live, change to embrace and assist us.

An example of this is Spar’s efforts with plastic bags where they now offer a paper bag alternative. Sadly too many still choose the cheaper plastic solution but it is a start. Sadly still missing in St Francis is a plastic recycling solution and it doubtful many are making an effort to separate their garbage to make it easier for the Humansdorp dump to separate plastic from other waste which they apparently do. We hope!

But it is not only plastic that we should be paying attention  to for  it seems much of what we use every day is not being kind our environment.  Detergents and cleaning materials, make-up and even toothpaste are all on the list that we should be paying attention to. One of the biggest hindrances to changing people’s habits on these commodities is of course supply for it is unlikely supermarkets would give up valuable shelf space occupied by brand leaders to stock these enviro-friendlies until they were able to compete in market share. An unlikely change considering the huge advertising budgets needed to grow brand awareness.

But some good news for those who really do want to make a change by using products that are more enviro-friendly without necessarily depleting their bank balances. Two local health & wellness professionals, Dr Dani Nelson and Dr Lana Pepler, Chiropractor and Homeopath respectively, have recently introduced a range of natural products ranging from detergents to cosmetics, toothpaste and even baby wipes, all natural and free of harmful chemicals and additives.

St Francis Wellness opened recently above KC Properties in the village (entrance at the back of KC) not only serves as these two professionals consulting rooms but also as a small shopping facility for a range of enviro-friendly products ranging from cleaning products to kiddies toothpaste to baby wipes. Being enviro-aware they purchase certain products in bulk and encouraging shoppers to recycle containers.

Pop in to St Francis Wellness  if you would like more information on not only what products they have that will suit not only you but the environment  but also the services provided by Dr Dani and Dr Lana.

L to R- Samantha (Reception), Dr Lana and Dr Dani