celebrating one year together at Kouga Print

Debbi Nevay Hudson and Cathy Williams celebrating one year together at Kouga Print

A year ago Debbi Nevay Hudson took over as the new owner of Kouga Print knowing “very little about running a printing business”. Yesterday she celebrated one year in the business and invited customers and friends to join her to celebrate the occasion.

Debbi is the first to praise her “right hand man” Cathy Williams. Shouldn’t that read “woman”! Running the shop alone whilst Debbi was away in hospital, the ever smiling Cathy certainly is one of the nicest people to do business with and there is no doubt that the Debbi and Cathy make a great team that will grow Kouga Print into the years ahead. We wish Kouga Print a very happy 1st birthday and look forward to sharing your successes in a years’ time with more “bubbly” and if possible, more of that yummy Mango Chutney dip.

More about Debbi and her indomitable spirit in an article sometime in the near future but enough right now to say it was great to see you back on your feet so soon after major neck surgery just a few weeks ago. It seem just days ago that  you posted the “under the radar” photo of lying in a hospital bed, on Facebook. Welcome back Debbi , it will be great seeing you back on the beach with Alaska and Biscuit.

Also celebrating an anniversary. Tarry, who assist part time at Kouga Print celebrating her second anniversary after her stage four cancer.

Taryn Kneen celebrating two years after stage four cancer.

Below is a gallery of photos of some of those who came to celebrate with Debbi and Cathy.