Good Deed Award

When you come across any event that deserves to be praised for a good deed or doing something exceptional, be it an individual, group or business, drop us a note on eMail to or click on the WhatsApp logo and send us a message on WhatsApp.

20th January

Daniel Vena

A big thank you to Daniel Vena and his team, Jacob Kanyika (Xtreme) and  Sipho Matiwne (KLM) for managing the recycling depot so well over the holidays! And a big thank you to all those donors who made employing Daniel over the Season possible – for the second year in a row. Daniel made such a great impression on our recyclers last year that we just had to get him back. Compliments poured in on Social Media on how well run the depot was, and how much the friendly service was appreciated. Daniel has now stood down but the depot remains open and hopefully will continue to operate as efficiently.

From left to right Daniel Vena. Jacob Kanyika from Xtreme and Sipho Matiwne from Kouga municipality

13 January

06 January 2020

This week the award goes to SMHart who over the past weeks have reacted immediately and efficiently each and every time they were alerted on the Seal Point Safety Group of a suspicious person or happening reported 

27th January

This weeks award goes to no other than Bob Meikle who is always so ready to help and serve the residets of St Francis no matter the need.

This time he came to the assistance of Sue Rae Fox and St Francis Animal Rescue “Unchain A Dog” initiative. Here is a note of thanks from Sue

Dear Bob Meikle,

Our sincere thanks to you and your amazing team for all your help with our mission to remove chains from the dogs in Sea Vista. Thanks to you, we now have a reliable fencing partner who’ll be working with us during 2020, to secure the yards of chained dogs and set them free. And thanks for the gate you’re making for Lunga’s house in Sea Vista. Tomorrow, with luck, we will be able to unchain two special dogs and give them a life!

Susan Rae Fox

and commented Vanessa Johnson

“Wow, what great news. Bob truly is a legend in our Village and it comes as no surprise that he is helping SFAR and Susan Rae Fox. He is loved by all of us, four legged as well – and not to forget his daughter Katie who is following closely behind in Dad’s footsteps. xxx”