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Charlotte Visagie

Charlotte Visagie – Disney Creche, Sea Vista

Chatting with Charlotte Visagie who runs the Disney Crèche truly highlights the good in people. Her selfless dedication looking after the very young ones of Sea Vista is inspiring. Dealing with up 80 kids on some days must be a challenging task to say nothing of the patience and organization it must take manage them as these kids range in age from a year to 5 years old.

The Disney Crèche does receive a small government grant, far too small to cover the number of children but with the support of Balobi Trading and others, Charlotte manages to give the kids three meals a day, breakfast, mid-morning tea and lunch. The crèche is immaculately clean and tidy which in itself is quite an achievement considering how children really have no concept of being neat and tidy.

Charlotte praised those who helped out when something at the crèche requires fixing be it plumbing or general maintenance for without their help, it would not be possible to keep the building in the condition nor indeed the crèche up and running.

But to the reason of this post! Many of these children will never know what it is to enjoy Christmas and so with the help of The Village Superspar and Pam Golding Properties, they are appealing to the St Francis to “Give a Teddy for Christmas”.

So St Franciscans, dig into you pockets or your cupboards and “Give a Teddy for Christmas”. Teddy Bears can be dropped off at The Village Superspar or at Pam Golding offices.


Give a Teddy Bear for Christmas


Disney Creche - Sea Vista

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