Get-a-Fix Health Bar - St Francis Bay

Feeling a little off colour this past week I strolled into Get-a-Fix health bar in search of one of their pick-me-up drinks that Sacha Park had introduced me to some months back.  Situated in the Village Centre, Get-a-Fix along with some other businesses in the centre had to close for a couple of months while the thatched roof was replaced with a new shingle-look roof that Wattle & Daub seem to be installing more and more of in St Francis.  Well now that the roof is almost complete, Get-a Fix is open again and if you haven’t yet tried their fare you really should pop in for a healthy awakening.

When Get-a Fix opened in the Spar Centre a couple of years back I thought it just another juice bar selling smoothies, milkshakes and fresh juices and never ventured in. Their move to Village Shopping Centre made them a neighbour of Sacha’s “Studio” and it was during a visit to the Studio that I was introduced to some of their magic. Certainly they sell smoothies and juices but there is a lot more to what they offer.

Rather than try and explain what Get-a-Fix offers rather do yourself and your health a favour and pop in and have a chat to Lyn about the different health food and drink options they offer and that you can make up at home as they also sell the natural ingredients to the health food options they offer on their menu.

I spent about an hour chatting with Quinton and Lyn about all the different natural health products they sell and whilst I am enlightened, maybe I would prefer to have it all in a readable format so I can better absorb what is a rather intriguing subject. To this end St Francis Today is introducing a weekly column from next week where well known fitness guru Nadine Lahana of NRG2GO will be keeping readers abreast with health and fitness tips and no doubt will touch on some of the natural foods that Get-a-Fix offers.

Get-a-Fix also offers a range of delicious frozen take-ways for those nights when you really don’t feel like cooking. And yes they are delicious and as you would expect – healthy meals!