Tuesday is pensioners day at our local Spar and I would imagine most pensioners use this day to do their major shop  to benefit Village Square SuperSpar’s generous discount offer. So on Tuesday I set out to do my shopping. Being unable to walk more than fifty or so metres without a trolley as support I always try and park within the lower parking area. Well Tuesday there was not a paring spot anywhere in the vicinity so I gave shopping a miss.

Come Wednesday I had an appointment to see what the optometrist could do for my failing eyesight  and so after looking through a variety of funny lenses and told no need for new glasses I popped into the Humansdorp Spar, What a pleasure it was. Plenty of parking available with wide uncrowded aisles to ensure you could maintain required social distancing. And wow is their fruit & veg, bakery and hot food section enough reason to take the drive. The Humansdorp Spar doesn’t stock some of the higher end items and as I am diabetic I try and only eat the Spar All Seed bread but this was not available which was a pity but they had everything else  I needed, and didn’t really need. And so to checkout – no queue  and a truly helpful and friendly staff. It was like shopping at home away from home. Thanks for two great shops Rickardt and team (s).

No Jo of Trolley Dolley has long been offering her services at what I feel is almost embarrassing inexpensive for all the work she puts into this truly great service she provides for us oldies, particularly those of us who are less physically mobile. I will certainly use Trolley Dolly in the furure for my biggest shopping problem is I never make a list and using Jo will force me into a list instead of getting home and finding I have forgotten something.

And yes shopping in Humansdorp I bought everything I needed and a few things I didn’t but I forgot to buy eggs. So at 7:00am this morning I sht off to Spar. Not a single parking spot to be had so I turned around and decided I coukd go without breakfast today for I simply could not bear the thought of standing in a queue that would have delayed this our Christmas edition od St Francis Today.

Oh and whilst in Humansdorp pop into HoekHuis Coffee Shop for a snack to rebuild your energy aftter shopping. They can be found at 14 Piet Uys Street or cal them on 082 3751558 for directions if you don’t have a SatNav.