Friday 21 June 2024


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Village News:

NSRI warns of full moon spring tide along coastline – might get quite rough this weekend

Getting To Know Jaco Prins – St Francis Property Owners Association  Beaches and Environment Representative

Early Morning Golden Sunrise JBay – Photo Of The Day


SA beat USA by 18 runs at T20 World Cup – Well done Proteas!


DA suspends Renaldo Gouws – He dared everyone to find a video, and a video they found…


Bad news — many of today’s top passwords can be brute force cracked in less than an hour – Password safety is coming up more and more these days.

Village Sport:

Hospitality at the Links is getting Better and Better! –  Our Hospitality Manager, Pieter Germishuys is building his team and we are all so excited to welcome two key changemakers to the St Francis Links ranks!

Surfing Today:

JBay Classic 2024 Photo Gallery  – from Thruster Rounds and the Expression Session, starring local and international surfers.


Interest rate relief for South Africa is coming – September is the golden month!


How to up home solar systems in South Africa – More will be installed if households are given loans, free maintenance and security.


Julius Malema takes the stand in 2018 firearm case – Oh Juju, what do you have to say?


8 Surprising Benefits of Super-Short Workouts – Definitely makes it easier to get a quick workout in on those busy days.

All Systems Go For The Rip Curl Gromsearch presented by Sea Harvest at Dairy Beach.

Durban - All Systems Go for the highly anticipated Rip Curl GromSearch Junior Surfing Tournament event number 4. So, it will kick off tomorrow...

Pam Golding Canals Winter Doubles Challenge

By Richard Arderne The annual Pam Golding Canals Winter Doubles Challenge starts at the Cove at 9am this Saturday. Some sports events survive for...

Back-To-School Power Up, Wine Of The Week and a Tequila Wall – What’s On At The Superspar

Back-To School Power Up with Superspar My lunch Is better than your lunch, with Back-To School Power Up specials on Black Cat Peanut Butter,...

Over 12800 potholes repaired in three months – Guess how many in St Francis Bay?

Kouga Municipality successfully repaired a total of 12 813 potholes across the region between 1 April 2024 and 30 June 2024. The breakdown of...

Surfing and Yoga Collide – photo of the day

Surfing and Yoga Collide – photo of the day from the Ballito Pro


Missing GQ woman found unharmed – Strange story, but its good she is home safe and sound.

Travel: sounds alarm on AI travel scams – Beware of the latest AI Scam.

Food & Drink:

Ten Top Tips For Perfect Roast Chicken – Tips and Tricks to make your roast chicken taste even better.



Major American military conference comes to Botswana as Russia and US tussle over Africa – It seems to be Russis vs USA on everything these days.


An orca attack on white shark in EC waters raises fresh questions about ‘seascape of fear’ – An interesting read around Great Whites and habit studies.