We’ve had our fair share of laundry services over the years. Two young children, a bunch of puppies, some old dogs and a whole lot of subsequent urine will do that. It has often resulted in grabbing absolutely every piece of sheet, duvet covers, pillowcases and blankies and bundling them all off to the laundry. Recently we needed the services of a laundry, so it was fresh laundry to the rescue.

Red Wine Spillage

Other situations that have resulted in laundry services have been extreme red wine spillage and a wild house party. Everyone went through my wardrobe, squeezed into all my clothes (did you see what I did there), and jumped into the pool. It was funny at the time, but I had a pitiful pile of stretched and soaked clothing sitting in my garden the next day. So I sent it off to the friendly local laundry.   

Most laundries offer good services and don’t break the bank. If you have the time and wherewithal to get everything together and in a bag and drive off to the laundry, then it is always a job well done.

Fresh Laundry To The Rescue

Forget Me Not

Sometimes, however, we have forgotten about stuff at the laundry. For example, a spare duvet sat at the local laundry for a year until we suddenly had another one of those wine spillages (in the bedroom, don’t ask) and couldn’t find the spare. I was surprised that they didn’t sell it.

Licey Items

Recently another drama entered our household, and both kids got a case of lice. It was the first time ever in our home (that we know of). So naturally, our immediate reaction was to get everything off the beds and the couches and prepare to wash them reasonably thoroughly. 

It was a lot of possibly licey stuff (44 items), but there was a Plan B. Jim Fletcher has recently opened up Fresh Laundry in St Francis Bay http://stfrancis.freshlaundry.co.za/, and his slogan is ‘Collect Clean Deliver’. With a tag like that, I didn’t think twice. It actually was fresh laundry to the rescue

Jim and the Freshmobile

Fresh Laundry To The Rescue

The Freshmobile in all her glory

Jim arrived within 20 minutes of my call in his Freshmobile, and my laundry was off, to be deloused. Then, it was time to get the fine metal combs and the oil and the lice shampoo and the rest of the party toys.

Jim came back in a couple of hours, with everything done. Collected, cleaned, and delivered. GWF.*

We’d like to recommend Jim and Fresh Laundry. They have an app, and you can just visit the website, download the app, and click when you need laundry services. Any queries give the man a call direct on 064 900 2662

*good work, fella.