The Foster Reserve Management team has been very busy over the past few weeks with finalising the fire breaks in the Cape St Francis Nature Reserve and with general maintenance, in addition to the ongoing alien vegetation removal programme.

The team also removed a huge clump of Brachylaena discolor, or often referred to as coastal oak, at the entrance to the Irma Booysen Nature reserve as you enter Cape St Francis. This plant is a fire hazard and invasive to our area. The species occurs naturally on coastal dunes east of the Sundays River and whilst tempting to plant as they grow quickly as hedges, they are difficult to maintain as they grow very quickly and remain an invasive plant here so should not be planted

Together with the Kouga Municipality and Working on Fire, FOSTER has now completed the upgrade of firefighting routes in the Cape St Francis Nature Reserve. Our reserve manager will now inform the authorities in the municipality about access, location of turning circles, traffic direction, and other matters of key importance for firefighting.

Our next project is path re-routing around the lighthouse parking area, which will clearly demarcate the access routes to the walking trail whilst limiting interaction between pedestrians and cyclists. Partial funding for this has been provided by the Rotary club of St Francis Bay, who continue to support so many worthwhile causes in our area. Please allow Dave and the team to proceed with this work unhindered.

New informative signage for all the reserves has been produced and we are waiting for the structures to be completed and we will then start erecting these at all the key entrances to the reserves.