The Cape St Francis Resort came alive on Saturday evening as the FOSTER Jol began to get momentum. A long line started forming early as those with tickets and those hoping to buy last-minute tickets at the door waited to join in on the action. Over 200 people came to what a guest called “the event of the decade in CSF”. Sadly, we had to turn some keen partygoers away once capacity was reached.

Westwind, Lions Gate and the school band blew people away. I overheard a comment, “these guys are world-class. Where did you find them?” The answer is simple they are all locals. We have amazing talent in St Francis! The Resort, as always, rose to the occasion and served up three great potjies whilst the barmen were run off their feet. Thanks to Jason, Danny, and all the staff for going the extra mile and Anita for even sponsoring a room and three fabulous prizes.

Bev from the St Francis Chronicle won the coveted “Best dressed award” and earned herself a special treatment at the Resorts Spa. One lucky number holder won a Sunday Platter from Joe Fish and another a canal cruise for 6



Chio Moulang provided some caps and bags, which the audience was clamouring for. She also made the T-shirts for us at a special rate. Anyone still wanting a T-Shirt for R250 can order on Quicket or via the Facebook Page. Trevor can be seen modelling one in the picture. But hurry orders are only open for a week! Thanks to Terri Hutchins for that amazing logo we used on the shirt and the advertising material she designed pro bono for us.

Zephi made a unique VW Kombi photo booth. Pictured in it are Nita Claasen and Antoinette Grundlingh, two FOSTER Committee members who were primarily responsible for the event, plus Emily Buchanon, who sadly could not also fit into the booth.


I don’t think anyone left disappointed or felt that the ticket was not worth the price. A great fundraiser for FOSTER, and as always, the money will be put to good use to maintain our reserves. Thanks for coming, guys our community rocks. We promise next year will be even better!