Eat and be Merry – Beer, Wine and Food Pairing

Beer and Food Piring at St Francis Brewing Company

From left: Stephanie, Isolde, Emmet and Fouche enjoying the beer paired dessert

Some weeks ago I joined Emmet, Isolde, Fouche and Stephanie for my very first Beer / Food pairing. The venue, St Francis Brewing Company in the Tennant Centre where I had, a week or so earlier enjoyed probably the best Sunday lunch roast beef and Yorkshire pudding ever. Cooked to perfection by Chef Daniel Hoffman I was obviously interested to see what he would do with pairing some of the many craft beers with his pairing menu.

In the course of writing a column for a Sunday newspaper more than a few years back I was fortunate enough to have attended many a chef’s tables where the chef would select wines to complement each course he was to serve. But note, the chef would select wine that would best compliment his menu. Well this was not the case at the beer / food pairing for not only were the beers perfectly paired with the excellent 5-course meal we were served but all the dishes were actually prepared using the chosen beer as the base ingredient.  And yes, even the dessert.

On hearing that St Francis Brewing Company was about to hold another Beer / Food pairing I did not hesitate to make sure I would be attending but this event will have a little twist to it for it will be presented as a beer / wine / food pairing. Sounds intriguing and certainly not to missed. At a cost of R180.00 where else can you possibly enjoy a quality 5-course meal complete with beer and wine? Having eaten at the brewery several times I must say I have become somewhat partial to this talented young chefs cooking so I cannot wait to see what he has up the sleeve of his chef’s jacket come Thurday night.

But the Brewery’s beer / wine / food pairing isn’t the only show in town this week for Dune Ridge Country House is also holding pairing evening, in fact two evenings. The first is to be held on Friday night and so popular has this event become that the Friday event was booked out before St Francis Today was even aware it was being held.  Because of the demand, Sarah Swanepoel has decided to hold a second evening on Saturday evening so we would suggest you call Dune Ridge soon, before the second event is also booked out.

We really are blessed with choices in dining in St Francis and tomorrow we will be introducing the new ‘kid on the block’ in Cape St Francis, Rock Lily!